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From 101’s to deep dives. The Common Approach regularly hosts webinars for social purpose organizations and for specific audiences. Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars!

Upcoming Webinars

The next webinar will be offered by Common Approach partner TIESS (Territoires innovants en économie sociale et solidaire) on November 3rd and will be given in French. 

Webinaire: Les pratiques essentielles de la mesure d’impact

November 3rd, 11am.

Register here.

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There’s a comprehensive range of Common Approach training already available on video. Online sessions are recorded and posted for everyone to watch. The training videos include six sessions produced by the Social Enterprise Institute that will take you through the Common Foundations in just 30-minutes. 

Check out who is involved

An essential element of the Common Approach is that it is Community-Driven. The development of the Common Approach has been led by an amazing group of partners from universities like Carleton and University of Toronto to capacity builders, like Social Enterprise Institute and the Canadian CED Network, to operating charities like Furniture Bank.

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The Common Approach is moving continuously moving forward on all four standards . New initiatives, research, and announcements are ongoing. Follow the Common Approach on social media and subscribe for updates in your inbox.

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Showcase your alignment

For the standard to grow, people and organizations need to be able to demonstrate that they are using the Common Approach. Social purpose organizations aligning with all five practices, trainers and consultants, developers can request use of the identifier.

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Four approaches to evaluation

Meet consultants Cathy Lang, Kerri Klein, Laurie Ringaert, and Garth Yule. They have incorporated Common Foundations into their work with social purpose organizations.

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