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Standards are communities, not documents.

But documents are important just the same!

Key documents are publicly available and licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license. Documents are for sharing – copy and redistribution is encouraged. 


The latest version of the Common Impact Data Standard is now available.

After clicking the link search : “Common Approach”

The Common Foundations of Impact Measurement

At their foundation, all the many tools and approaches to measuring impact share the same five essential practices. Read the essential practices in full.

Non-expert Guide to the Data Standard

This is a quick study guide for people who are new to the Common Impact Data Standard.

Ontologies: Published by the University of Toronto

This work is being done in collaboration with Professor Mark Fox at the Centre for Social Services Engineering at the University of Toronto.

After clicking the link, search "Common Approach". 

Creating Flexible Standards

This case study outlines how a flexible standard can be created for social and environmental indicators.

Common Organizational Information

This document outlines the content of a common organizational profile that will convey to investors and other funders details about the type and nature of the organization.

Amplifying the Impact

The recommendations contained in Amplifying the impact of Ontario's Social Enterprise Community are the result of a collaborative process of discussion and consultation driven through the Social Enterprise Measurement Task Force.

Take the organizational self-assessment and assess your impact measurement practices.

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